A 30 year reunion was held on Saturday, 24th October 1998 for those who were at Essex University during the Academic Years 1967/8 and 1968/9, and who considered it to have been a positive experience worth celebrating. Over 120 people came and shared a wonderful, memorable evening. Friendships were renewed.

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Essex May 68 Photos

If anyone has photos which capture the spirit of the time, please email them. The photos below can be enlarged by clicking on them.

New: photos of the Revolutionary Festival, the anti-Vietnam demo in Colchester and more - see gallery of photos from Austin Reeve, added 6 July 2021

Square meeting    
Powell meeting

Guy Fawkes    

Revolutionary Festival

Revolutionary Festival, Feb 1969 - Photo: Mick Tesseras. Click to enlarge
See Guardian article from May 2017

More of Mick Tesseras's photos of the Revolutionary Festival can be found here on Mick Quigley's website - along with other photos from back then, and of the 50th anniversary of the University in 2014.

And Paris, May 1968


Mai 1968 - Sorbonne. Photo: Paul Goodchild. Click to enlarge


Mai 1968 - Paris. Photo: Paul Goodchild.

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University Challenge

The Essex team of 1969 made their debut in the competition with no great expectations of progressing very far. In the event they narrowly lost in the final.

Vietnam demo